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Dayna Winters

Dayna Winters

Schodack Landing, New York


My art is inspired by nature, myth, and fantasy. I love reading, writing, and art. When I am not being creative or losing myself in a good book, I love being with my husband, kids, two pugs, two ducks, and twelve chickens. I have found a new love for dying plants and feel the dire need to rescue them, and when weather permits, I enjoy being outdoors.

My interests include religion, art, myth, and fantasy. I am the former producer and co-host of Isis Paranormal Radio and the former co-founder of Isis Paranormal Investigations. I am an author and have coauthored three books: "Wicca: What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions," "Sacred Objects, Sacred Space," Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch," and "The Esoteric Dream Book: Mastering the Magickal Symbolism of the Subconscious Mind," all of which are coauthored with Angela Kaufman and Patricia Gardner. My books are available through Schiffer Publishing. I am also an editor for the new age imprint, Pine Creek Press, from a brand new start up company - Slate Run Publishing.

I love talking to like-minded, imaginative, fun people from all over the world.



Iris - Magic Man. by Dayna Winters


Color Rendition of Marilyn Monroe #3 by Dayna Winters


Color Rendition of Marilyn Monroe #2 by Dayna Winters


Color Rendition of Marilyn Monroe by Dayna Winters


Marilyn Monroe by Dayna Winters


Christina Aguilera by Dayna Winters


Lilith by Dayna Winters


Bounty by Dayna Winters


Chamomile by Dayna Winters


Sunny Days by Dayna Winters


Chamomile Flowers. by Dayna Winters


Pink Rose Blossoms by Dayna Winters


Violets by Dayna Winters


Crabapple Blossoms by Dayna Winters


Sunset on the Hudson by Dayna Winters


Hudson River Shoreline by Dayna Winters


Alongside the Hudson by Dayna Winters


Dying Tulip by Dayna Winters